Sunday, June 26, 2011

Craft 2.0 !!!!

 5 more nights of nervous and sleepless nights ,
and Hikkepik will be on the Craft 2.0 fair !!!

I am so excited and over the moon , that the lovely Sue ( organizer of the greatest fair ever !)
has given me the chance of selling on Craft 2.0 .
I have been going as buyer for many years now and never thought that I would be standing on the other side , as a seller .

So yes , I have been super busy getting ready with the Hikkepik clothes .
I will be doing the usual jackets , but with a better wool and very cute red apple lining ,
my polka dot dresses and knee patch pants will be there as well.
I have added little scarfs and very cute mittens , we will see how they go ?

If you read this blog , please come and visit and say hello !
I would love to meet you all !
 Saturday 2nd July from 10am-3pm @ New Dowse Gallery in Lower hutt.

By the way , the famous Jannelle of the teatodtoad blog will be selling there as well !!!

Wish me luck , and I will tell tales when the deal is done !

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