Wednesday, August 28, 2013

no more blogging!

As I haven't written a single word on my Blog I consider myself as the worlds wurst blogger!
And will no longer write on the Hikkepik blog.

So , like to still get updates on new garments and see the photo sessions of Miss B,
please look me up or you shop from my online store on;

Many thanks to those who read and commented on my little stories I did managed to Blog about!

J from Hikkepik

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Children at play sundress @Craft Country

Yes, yes , believe it or not ; Hikkepik is going places!

Everlasting pants@Craft Country

When moving "over the hill "from Wellington to the Wairarapa,
I got approached by the ladies who run the CRAFT COUNTRY shop in Featherston ,
they asked if I would like to sell some of my Hikkepik clothing there.
It was of course a no-brainer , and got my goodies up and selling at the Craft Country as we speak!

The Craft Country is quite a gem, it is run by three great woman ,Emma from EmmaMakes,Michele from Leaf and Natalie from FurrBalls .
They do not only look after it very nicely with lots of great window displays but try to have new and exciting stockists at all times.
And shop is only run by volunteers who live locally! I sometimes volunteer and have great fun being the shop assistant behind the counter!

You can find the shop on the mainstreet of Featherston across from the Post Office, so please visit next time when you drive over!


Apple knee patch pants @Craft Country

My other stockist is one I have been wanting to stock at for a long long time !
So i am over the moon and very very excited about this one !
It is the very famous WANDA HARLAND!!!
Red polka dot dress@Wanda Harland
I talked to Martha Craig the lovely owner of the shops about a year ago , 
but  because of my house move and being busy like hell, I never got my act together in that whole year!
But now I finally got it all ready and showed her my garments , Martha kindly has taking me on as a stockist for both of her shops!  She has newly opened shop in Miramar and the all time favourite shop in Petone on Jackson street!

So, yes I am slowly widening my horizon , but do not worry there will still be a Hikkepik on the fairs!
And the garments I sell to the shops you will not be seeing on te fairs or Felt but as you know , Hikkepik has lots and lots of different little clothing! So please keep on checking the Fairs and my Felt shop!

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Joke from Hikkepik
apple denim dress @Wanda Harland
Twirly bicycle skirt @Wanda Harland


Linen peasant dress @ Wanda 

And don't forget to check the new summer outfits on !
Yellow balloon jumpsuit
Light denim/yellow pear sprinkler suit


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where have I been????

Where do I even start ?
Maybe I will give it to you in a form of a list with all my past events and happenings ,
it might explain a little why I have not been writing anything on the Blog at all!

# Chimney fire at our house , fire brigade had to destroy ceiling and chimney , to save our house!

# Builders at our house to replace all the damage done by the fire.

# We made the decision to sell up and move to Greytown! ( where the sun always shines and the wind never mucks up your hair!)

# Our house was up for sale! Lots and lots of cleaning for the endless open homes! ( a real nightmare when you have three messy kids)

# Sold the house , and managed to buy another house in the lovely Greytown.

# Moved into the new casa , ( first had to hire three big skips to get rid of all the junk we had collected in the old house!)

# Martinborough Fair , lots of sewing.....

# Selling at a shop for the first time ever!!! Yippee , it is a very exciting happening for Hikkepik !   We have some stock at    CRAFT COUNTRY in Featherston .

# Painted the inside of the house , used to be orange , now white!

# and last but not least , selling at CRAFT2.0 , yes the reborn craft2.0 fair has been taken over by Becky who is doing a very good job of keeping Craft2.0 alive!

My winter display for the Craft2.0 Fair , My little man on the table is actually skiing !

another little addition to the hikkepik range
Hikkepik stocks these cute apple pinafores at the CRAFT COUNTRY shop in Featherston

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft2.0 was amazing !

Little view from part of the Hikkepik stall

Craft2.0 is behind us now , and I must tell you ,
it was an amazing day!
I had soo much fun , met lovely people who looked all happy and smily and were very chatty !
My feet are still hurting from standing all day and my cheekbones are sore from smiling oh so much that day , but it was so worth it .

And what about meeting all of my favorite crafters and bloggers ,
I have finally met Alison the beautiful person behind the Agnes Coy creations (must admit I was  a little nervous when meeting her , but shouldn't have been , very nice and kind person!)
You can find her on
Pretty pincushion all ready in use made by Agnes Coy  
Another original Agnes Coy creation !

And got the meet the famous blogger Helen from,
who also managed to sell me not one but two gorgeous scarfs she made !

Some more purchases I managed to make :

A vintage brooch from
Cute robin note book from
Lovely bright top from
Necklace from London Anaise Jewelry

And there were so many more things I wanted to buy ! but was so busy I didn't got to go and see or meet ! I am hoping to buy a pretty necklace from my dear friend Nini who makes the amazing Things Unseen Jewelry , or love to purchase from the mighty Sue who organizes the Craft2.0 fair,  !  I am hoping there will be another Fair soon , so i can purchase more goodies!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

little interview on the Craft2.0 blog

Meet Hikkepik

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 20, 2011
Hi,I’m Joke. (yes, that is my name! A most commonly used name in my home
country Belgium.) I make and sell children wear using the name; Hikkepik, which means ‘hiccups’ in Flemish my mother language.
It all started when having my first child, I couldn’t find any clothing that I liked. So, I sourced  nice fabrics (fabric sourcing became an addiction!) and used funky patterns to sew little clothing for the kids. 
After making lots of clothing for friends and family I decided to take it a little further; selling online and even more fun; selling on fairs. I love meeting all the people on the fairs, makes it very personal when they buy from me, so please feel free to come and say ‘hi’ on the Craft2.0 !
I make everything  on my old Bernina, love to buy a new one but need to stop buying fabrics to save money for the new one !
What’s In my Bag? 

What’s In my Shelf?
Hot or not?
Hot: Man vs wild, Bear Grylls to look at or the voice of Jim Mora
Not: the terrible hairline of Donald Trump.
Chic or unique?
I don’t feel chique , but love and hope to be unique? 
Analogue or digital?
I am very much analogue , love old clocks!
What is your website?
You can find me on
or I sometimes write on my blog

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2 months later...

Yes , 2 months later , and I finally made some time to post something on the Hikkepik Blog .
And do not worry ! I feel totally embarrassed about it !
But hey , lets not dwell over it .

Hikkepik is doing good , we have a few fairs coming up , yippee !
We will be at the Craft2.0 , October the 29th , yes ladies write it down .
And this time it will not be held in the usual New Dowse museum but at the Chaffers Marine at the Wellington waterfront , I can't wait to see the new venue !

Thorndon Fair is the next one on the list , the 4th of December , very nice and big , open air market , just in time to buy some Pressie's for Christmas.

Also, we got spotted in a couple of blog's , friends called me about it ; i hadn't even noticed it myself ! Silly me !

This one was found in a fantastic blog full of great kiwi goodies and lots of crafty things to do with kids etc. called Li'l Magoolie , definitely have a look at her blog !

And today hikkepik was one of the top sellers in the Felt website , yippee ! Thank you to all my lovely buyers !

top selling

The everlasting pants !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Craft 2.0 !!!!

 5 more nights of nervous and sleepless nights ,
and Hikkepik will be on the Craft 2.0 fair !!!

I am so excited and over the moon , that the lovely Sue ( organizer of the greatest fair ever !)
has given me the chance of selling on Craft 2.0 .
I have been going as buyer for many years now and never thought that I would be standing on the other side , as a seller .

So yes , I have been super busy getting ready with the Hikkepik clothes .
I will be doing the usual jackets , but with a better wool and very cute red apple lining ,
my polka dot dresses and knee patch pants will be there as well.
I have added little scarfs and very cute mittens , we will see how they go ?

If you read this blog , please come and visit and say hello !
I would love to meet you all !
 Saturday 2nd July from 10am-3pm @ New Dowse Gallery in Lower hutt.

By the way , the famous Jannelle of the teatodtoad blog will be selling there as well !!!

Wish me luck , and I will tell tales when the deal is done !