Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft2.0 was amazing !

Little view from part of the Hikkepik stall

Craft2.0 is behind us now , and I must tell you ,
it was an amazing day!
I had soo much fun , met lovely people who looked all happy and smily and were very chatty !
My feet are still hurting from standing all day and my cheekbones are sore from smiling oh so much that day , but it was so worth it .

And what about meeting all of my favorite crafters and bloggers ,
I have finally met Alison the beautiful person behind the Agnes Coy creations (must admit I was  a little nervous when meeting her , but shouldn't have been , very nice and kind person!)
You can find her on
Pretty pincushion all ready in use made by Agnes Coy  
Another original Agnes Coy creation !

And got the meet the famous blogger Helen from,
who also managed to sell me not one but two gorgeous scarfs she made !

Some more purchases I managed to make :

A vintage brooch from
Cute robin note book from
Lovely bright top from
Necklace from London Anaise Jewelry

And there were so many more things I wanted to buy ! but was so busy I didn't got to go and see or meet ! I am hoping to buy a pretty necklace from my dear friend Nini who makes the amazing Things Unseen Jewelry , or love to purchase from the mighty Sue who organizes the Craft2.0 fair,  !  I am hoping there will be another Fair soon , so i can purchase more goodies!


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  1. Hi Joke; you're right, it was an amazing day! And it was so nice to meet you too :)