Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where have I been????

Where do I even start ?
Maybe I will give it to you in a form of a list with all my past events and happenings ,
it might explain a little why I have not been writing anything on the Blog at all!

# Chimney fire at our house , fire brigade had to destroy ceiling and chimney , to save our house!

# Builders at our house to replace all the damage done by the fire.

# We made the decision to sell up and move to Greytown! ( where the sun always shines and the wind never mucks up your hair!)

# Our house was up for sale! Lots and lots of cleaning for the endless open homes! ( a real nightmare when you have three messy kids)

# Sold the house , and managed to buy another house in the lovely Greytown.

# Moved into the new casa , ( first had to hire three big skips to get rid of all the junk we had collected in the old house!)

# Martinborough Fair , lots of sewing.....

# Selling at a shop for the first time ever!!! Yippee , it is a very exciting happening for Hikkepik !   We have some stock at    CRAFT COUNTRY in Featherston .

# Painted the inside of the house , used to be orange , now white!

# and last but not least , selling at CRAFT2.0 , yes the reborn craft2.0 fair has been taken over by Becky who is doing a very good job of keeping Craft2.0 alive!

My winter display for the Craft2.0 Fair , My little man on the table is actually skiing !

another little addition to the hikkepik range
Hikkepik stocks these cute apple pinafores at the CRAFT COUNTRY shop in Featherston

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