Wednesday, October 19, 2011

little interview on the Craft2.0 blog

Meet Hikkepik

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 20, 2011
Hi,I’m Joke. (yes, that is my name! A most commonly used name in my home
country Belgium.) I make and sell children wear using the name; Hikkepik, which means ‘hiccups’ in Flemish my mother language.
It all started when having my first child, I couldn’t find any clothing that I liked. So, I sourced  nice fabrics (fabric sourcing became an addiction!) and used funky patterns to sew little clothing for the kids. 
After making lots of clothing for friends and family I decided to take it a little further; selling online and even more fun; selling on fairs. I love meeting all the people on the fairs, makes it very personal when they buy from me, so please feel free to come and say ‘hi’ on the Craft2.0 !
I make everything  on my old Bernina, love to buy a new one but need to stop buying fabrics to save money for the new one !
What’s In my Bag? 

What’s In my Shelf?
Hot or not?
Hot: Man vs wild, Bear Grylls to look at or the voice of Jim Mora
Not: the terrible hairline of Donald Trump.
Chic or unique?
I don’t feel chique , but love and hope to be unique? 
Analogue or digital?
I am very much analogue , love old clocks!
What is your website?
You can find me on
or I sometimes write on my blog

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